Drunk Driving

Freedom is the most important right you have, but when you are facing a charge of driving under the influence (DUI), it may be in jeopardy. DUI offenses can also carry serious monetary fines or impact other rights, such as your right to operate a motor vehicle. Criminal charges are noted in your permanent record, potentially affecting your employment or ability to get a future job.

A Barrix Law Firm attorney, experienced in criminal defense and handling DUI cases, is your best option if you find yourself in this situation. If you're stopped on suspicion of DUI, generally speaking, there are a number of things that can happen once a police officer has pulled you over:


Field Sobriety Test ― The officer may ask that you participate in a field sobriety test. These tests are voluntary, although the officer may not indicate such when you are asked to perform the test.

Preliminary Breath Test ― The police officer may also ask you to take a roadside breathalyzer test. Refusing to participate in either the field sobriety test or roadside breathalyzer test cannot be used to prove your guilt; however, you may be charged with a civil infraction and fined a small amount.

Furthermore, an officer can still place you under arrest if he or she has reason to believe you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Chemical Test ―At the police station, you are required to undergo a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content. Under Michigan law, you cannot refuse this test without automatic penalties, including a one-year suspension of your driver license and points added to your record. If this is your second offense, the automatic penalties are greater.

What many drivers do not know is that there are precise rules and procedures that law enforcement must follow when they suspect you of DUI. Our team is knowledgeable in these procedures and know how to enforce your rights under the law. If I’ve been charged with DUI, what is going to happen? Each case is unique, so it’s difficult to say what is going to happen, but there are a number of potential consequences and penalties:


Financial Penalties

There are annual fees that you must pay. These differ depending on the charge and the circumstances of your case.

Driver's License Suspension

A DUI, or operating while intoxicated charge can carry with it a driver license suspension, or, for repeat offenders, even a license revocation. While you can get your license back after a period of time, it may be restricted by certain conditions. There are penalties for driving with a suspended driver license, so it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities during this time.

Criminal Record

There is a range of different charges facing people found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, depending on the severity of the situation. In many cases, you are facing a misdemeanor charge on your record, but there are some cases where you can be charged with a felony.

Because both a misdemeanor and felony charge can impact your future, it is important that you let our attorney advise you. Competent criminal defense enforcing your rights If you have been charged with a DUI or similar crime, act quickly and contact us about your case. We offer free consultations and can take your call on a weekend or holiday to best fit your schedule.